July 21, 2010

My Summer Vacation

It's definitely summer here in North Carolina: we've had 36 days with temperatures at or above 90ยบ in June or July (in 1952, we had 45 such days in June or July, says the News & Observer), and things are hot & sticky down south!

It's not quite vacation-time in an academic library, and my big project is to redesign the Park Library's web site. More on that later; check out the current site if you like.

The only blog writing I've done is to participate in Bora Zivkovic’s ScienceOnline interviews at his personal blog A Blog Around The Clock. This was part of Bora's occasional interviews with some of the participants of the ScienceOnline2010 conference that was held in the Research Triangle Park, NC back in January; they are all interesting! Mine was recently posted, so feel free to pop on over to Bora's blog if you want to know more about my relationship with science and libraries.

Back to the website drawing board ... I will post about the new site when it goes live in early August.