November 29, 2017

Dropbox as Phone Scanner

I discovered that Dropbox has a scanning feature. This would be a great option for a student who needs to copy or scan something in the library but doesn't want to bother (or pay) for our equipment.

Here are some scans I've done with my phone:
my dad & me c1979.
(photo deliberately small to protect my 14-year old self)

A photo of a pdf I created of an assessment document I'm editing:
This is a handy option if you've got students with scanning needs. Or if YOU have scanning needs!

November 02, 2017

Search Tips Infographic

I created this infographic to help teach students some of the fun tips -n- tricks to searching Google. I developed it for a presentation by my colleague, Livis Freeman. He's going to ask his students to search UNC basketball players and he asked me for some tips that he could share with them.
Piktochart made this super easy!