May 13, 2007

Addendum to Thoughts about Reference

My thoughts on this topic are evolving, and there are so many related blog posts about it, that I've created a separate post for my links & additional thoughts on The Future of Reference.

In no particular order:

* From the 2007 Massachusetts Library Association Conference Blog, all posts tagged with reference. Starts with a roundtable discussion entitled "Is Reference Dead?" and "Radical Reference: Community Librarianship and Free/Open Source Technology", with Jenna Freedman and Eric Goldhagen.

* Aaron's Walking Paper blog comments on the Chronicle of Higher Education article Are Reference Desks Dying Out?

* SomeLibrarian talks indirectly about the changing role of reference at his Some Librarian blog in a post about using facebook with students, and another about Librarian with Latte.

* John Ramsay, WMRLS Regional Administrator, one of my co-panelists, asked a great question: "Is 'reference' the best name for what we do?" What is a better name?

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