August 24, 2008

Favorite Albums by Year

Finally, a meme I can (want to) write about! Liam, over at Panorama of the Mountains, lists his Favorite Albums by Year, starting with the soundtrack to Wattstax, back in 1973. I don't think I can go back that far (if I did, it would include things like Carly Simon's Hotcakes, Al Stewart’s Past, Present, and Future, and ELO's Out of the Blue) with my musical favorites. Instead, I'll start my list when I started making my "Favorite Songs of the Year" CD. I can't limit myself to one CD, so I'll list the best and the runner up.
  • 2001: Kirsty MacCall ... Tropical Brainstorm (RIP)
    • Runner up: Eliza Carthy ... Angels & Cigarettes
  • 2002: Mark Knopfler ... Ragpicker's Dream
    • Runner up: Raul Malo ... Today
  • 2003: Belle & Sebastian ... Dear Catastrophe Waitress
    • Runner up: Fountains of Wayne ... Welcome Interstate Managers
  • 2004: Chumbawamba ... Un
    • Runner up: Michael Franti & Spearhead ... Everyone Deserves Music
  • 2005: Winterpills ... Winterpills
    • Runner up: Dido ... Life for Rent
  • 2006: Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins ... Rabbit Fur Coat
    • Runner up: The Guggenheim Grotto ... Waltzing Alone
  • 2007: Camera Obscura ... Let’s Get out of this Country
    • Runner up: Steve Forbert ... Strange Names and New Sensations
Note that these are my favorite albums during that year, which doesn't mean that the album was released in that year. For instance, Today was released in 2001, but heard and fell in love with it in 2002.

If you're into this kind of list-making, consider yourself tagged for this blog meme.

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Hillary said...

I love this -- although I probably won't make my own list knowing how I tend to forget to do these sorts of things :-) I always look forward to knowing what you're listening to, though -- you make such good compilation CDs!